“I recently attended my son’s Cub Scout outing to the Battleship. I can honestly say that it will be an experience that my 7-year-old won’t soon forget. As a veteran myself, this trip particularly appealed to me. However, my son was so happy that he decided to wake me up at 5am from his bunk above me to ask if we can do this again. I think that about says enough.”




“I was concerned teen exchange students may not get as much out of this as the young Scouts. I was so wrong! They loved it!”




{“For the past 14 years, I have been bringing my students and their families for the overnight program. The first year we went was a huge success. My students had a blast! The following year, on the first day of school, a student walked into my class and said, ‘Are we going on the battleship? Are we going on the battleship? ‘ I knew then and there I needed to set up another trip.”




“A wonderful educational experience! I am not sure who enjoyed it more…the adults or the kids! We spent the night sleeping on the USS Massachusetts and cannot say enough good things about it!”




“To be truthful, initially I was skeptical about this whole Nautical Nights thing. I was worried the kids would be uninterested and bored after 25 minutes of traipsing up and down the deck. Boy, was I wrong…and gratefully so. In a nutshell, Battleship Cove is a floating museum stationed on the Taunton River. All the little nooks and crannies make this a child’s wonder world.”




“As part of the Nautical Nights package, we were served breakfast and lunch in the mess hall and got to sleep in the actual bunks where sailors before us had slept. This really put things into perspective for me. You leave with a keen sense of what life was like living aboard these vessels. You better understand the mental and physical challenges put before these young soldiers coupled with the impending threat of battle and death. Photos and memorials remind you that a heavy price was paid and continues to be paid by those who serve, fought and died for our freedom so that we may live in a safer, better world today and tomorrow.”




"My two sons and I spent the night on the ship and it was one of the most rewarding times of my life. We explored every inch of the ship we could and need to come back again to see so much more. It was fantastic being able to crawl around the gun turrets, read about all the models and displays and then sleep on such an incredibly military war ship. I wanted to thank you, the others at Battleship Cove and all our beloved Veterans like Armand, for an experience we will never forget.”