“Went to Battleship Cove in Massachusetts with my son. It’s a must-see for anybody in the New England area with even a remote interest in the Navy, or WWII, or just wanting an interesting day. It’s cheap, and you can spend an entire day and not see everything. They have the USS Massachusetts, a South Dakota class battleship from WWII, that fired the first and last 16-inch shells during the war. They’ve got the USS Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., a destroyer; the USS Lionfish, a WWII diesel sub; and the Hiddensee, an East German/Soviet guided missile corvette. They also have a really excellent PT boat exhibit, with a couple of restored boats. Highly recommended.”





“I thought we would be making this stop as something fun for my husband to do. You know, a ‘guy’ thing. Boy, was I wrong! This place is huge and you get to go absolutely everywhere on the ships. It was way better than watching anything on TV. Very informative and cool.”